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Welcome to the The Real K- Wiki!Edit

Hey, what's happening gamers?

Just so you know, this is not the real Kwing typing. However, on behalf of the Kwings, I hereby give you The Real K-Wiki, a hub for all you K-fans who want to learn a bit more about the series! 

This is essentially just a site where people can go to learn about the Kwings, but it is built upon the knowledge of the fans, so if any of you have something you'd like to say or contribute, feel free to do so! For now, God bless and happy gaming!

What do I do on the The Real K-Wiki?Edit

Simple. You enjoy it. Although, since there are plenty of you Kwing fans out there, I would appreciate it infinitely if you would do some contributing! It's easy. You just click that good old "Edit" button at the top of the page, and have at it! If you have a bit of trivia about a character, or maybe a keen observation about a video, or just something that no one else knows, please add it! Do it for the Game Knights!

But otherwise, our work is yours to enjoy. New pages are always being added and if you're interested in becoming a K-fan, we're going to try to make this the place to be. Stay gold!

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